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Idaho labor laws are important and knowing your rights as employee and and employer are something we take seriously.

We went to the Idaho Department of Labor and found this great resource for folks interested in learning more about your rights as an employee and an employer. They have a great FAQ section and offer some great insight on the subject.

You will find FAQ’s, A Guide to Idaho labor laws, required posters as an employer and State and Federal Laws listed below. visit their website to learn more.

State Laws

All Idaho Labor Statutes: Title 44
Minimum wage requirements: Title 44, Chapter 15, Idaho Code
Payment of wages: Title 45, Chapter 6, Idaho Code
Farm Labor Contractor Licensing Law: Title 44, Chapter 16, Idaho Code
Garnishment Laws: Title 8

Federal Laws

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Child Labor Laws
Fair Labors Standards Act
Federal Overtime Provisions

resource: Idaho Department of Labor

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