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Will I save energy if I leave my lights on?

No, this is not true. It is always better to turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you exit a room rather than just leave them on continuously.

My lights blink when my air conditioner cycles on?

This is a common occurrence when large motor/compressor loads start. These devices cause a minor momentary voltage drop, demonstrating itself as the blinking in your lights. This has no negative effect on the electrical equipment within your house.

Why does my recessed light cycle on and off since I put a larger wattage bulb in?

Modern recess cans are rated for a maximum wattage bulb and are equipped with a heat-sensing device that does not allow a bulb larger than that rating. If a larger wattage bulb is used, heat will begin to build up in the can. When the sensor detects the heat, it will disable the unit until it cools off.

Why are my fluorescent lights flickering?

Either your ballast or your lights are failing.