Miscellaneous FAQ's

Do I need a generator for my home?
If your home or business is prone to power outages, then you might consider purchasing a generator as a backup power source.
Can I use an extension cord to run my swimming pool?
No, this is a major hazard!
Is my 100-amp service adequate?
It depends on the load. You should call an electrician to come and evaluate it.
If I have a problem with TV or telephone wiring within the house, whom should I call?
With deregulation of the utility companies in most areas of the country, the cable or telephone companies are no longer responsible for the equipment or wiring in your home. The responsibility falls to you and your electrical contractor.
I have two phone lines in my home. Sometimes, when I’m on the phone, I can hear other conversations in the background?
This is called “bleed-over.” There are three common causes:
  • The runs of low-voltage wiring in your home are excessively long.
  • Faulty wiring from phone station to phone station.
  • The phone wire may be nicked somewhere within your residence causing a weak connection.

The phone company is no longer responsible for repairing phone wiring in homes. RSI will be happy to come to your home and repair all of your phone wiring problems.