Electrical Outlets

Can I replace the 2 prong outlets in my home to 3 prong outlets?
Yes. Call a professional electrician to schedule a time to have this done.
Can I use multiple power strips on my electronic equipment?
Yes, as long as they aren’t overloaded. A better solution is to install a separate circuit to supply power to all of your equipment. This will provide better protection.
Are all extension cords the same?
No, the smaller the number on the cord the larger the ampacity of the cord. For example, a 14-gauge cord can handle a heavier amp load than a 16-gauge cord.
Can I plug any 110-volt device into any 110-volt outlet in my home?
Can I plug my Christmas lights into my exterior 110-volt outlet?
Yes, within reason! If, however, the quantity of lights creates a load greater than the capacity of the circuit breaker, the breaker will trip. If this happens, you may need to install additional circuits to accommodate your Christmas lights.
Is my new 110-volt convenience outlet at my dock enough to power my boatlift?
No. A boatlift requires at least a 20 amp dedicated 110 volt circuit and possibly as much as a 30 amp dedicated circuit.