Pacific Source Electric has been working with Photronics for many years. As a local tech company in Idaho, they rely heavily on electrical services to be performed at their plant on a regular basis. At Photronics we have worked on many diverse projects such as battery installations, cabling and wiring trays and most recently, the installation of a large generator.

Photronics supports wide-ranging technology needs, from routine wafer production at 250nm and above to advanced sub-wavelength reticle applications at 65nm and below. With innovative service initiatives such as our proprietary design software application CyberMask™ and global manufacturing control system MaskTrac™, customers can easily place orders, review SPC data, and track delivery status.  Front-end data handling experts work 24/7 to prepare mask data and rapidly begin the manufacturing process helping Photronics define the standard for customer service in the photomask industry. –

Performance of Work: Installation of (2) 3000 amp generators, switch gear, and exterior high voltage buss duct. Also hook up of various types of semi-conductor manufacturing tools and air-handling equipment.






Generator Installation

Photronics Emergency Power Upgrade
10136 S. Federal Way, Boise, Idaho 83716

Pacific Source Electric provided the following control conduit and wiring for both 2000KW, 2500KVA, 3000A Generators on this project. We worked in coordination with EC Power Systems, Andersen Construction and CH2M Hill to complete this project for our customer, Photronics Nanofab. At the time, these were the second largest generators that EC Power Systems had designed. The generators were built by Koontz-Wagner at their Caldwell, Idaho manufacturing location.

 Generator SCADA

  • 2000’ of CAT5e from network switch in each Gen-set to SCR server room.
  • 25 digital and analog signal wires from each Gen-set to PLC cabinets located in facility pump control rooms for ATS SCADA and ATS/UPS interlocks and annunciators.
  • We also provided a fully grounded system for these generators using 4/0 bare copper, 10’ ground rods and Christy ground level access boxes. We used Cadweld exothermic welds on all connections points.
  • PSE replaced existing feeders from j-boxes into tie switches to upgrade grounding. We removed the existing Idaho Power terminal cabinets for placement of new transfer switches.
  • Provide and install Generator Load Bank Tap Boxes and associated conduit and wiring.
  • Demolition and removal of existing 500 Kcmil copper wire generator feeds into building.
  • Installation of 500’ dual load Eaton 3000A buss duct system for each Gen-set.
  • Provide and install 3000A conduit and wiring to total of (5) locations for each 3000A buss duct and Gen-set
  • Splice existing building feeders using 750 Kcmil copper butt splices and heat shrink.
  • Megger test all buss duct and feeders.
  • Installation of 3000A 4” PVC Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 conduit and wiring from each Gen-set to its corresponding ATS switches.
  • Installation of 3000A 4” rigid galvanized conduit and wiring from each generator.
  • Provided megger testing of all wire and buss duct feeders.
  • Assisted in the arc flash study and breaker coordination study.